63rd Annual General Body Meeting of Nadigar Sangam

The 63rd Annual General Body Meeting of the South Indian Artists Association (Nadigar Sangam) happened in the Nadigar Sangam premises in Chennai.

All the members were urged to participate in the meeting without and they were also insisted to bring the identity card. Bouncers were posted at the entry point and they allowed each member only after through scrutiny. Members who carried the ID card were only allowed.

A scuffle broke-out as a few members started agitating for not allowing them inside the meeting venue. Suddenly the agitation became a first fight between two groups. In the melee, the window pan of MLA, actor and Nadigar Sangam Vice President Karunaas was broken. This intensified the scuffle as the supporters of Karunaas started retaliating in an allegedly harsh manner. The Police had to resort to lathi charge and arrests 100s of person to bring the situation to control.

Sangam’s Ex-President R.Sarathkumar, Ex-Secretary Radharavi and Ex-Treasurer Vaagai Chandrasekar were denied permission to attend the meeting as they face corruption charges leveled by the new office-bearers. They had filed a case against this denial of permission which is now pending in the Court.

The most important fallout of the AGM is that the three veterans have lost the basic membership of the Actors’ Body. Yes, it has been unanimously resolved in the AGM to permanently remove the membership of Sarathkumar, Radharavi and Chandrasekar.

Meanwhile 10 senior members of the Sangam, were honored with awards named after film industry veterans. Saroja Devi, Vennira Aadai Moorthy and Vinu Chakravarthy are the prominent among the award winner.

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan addressed the gathering through Skype though he was not physically present at the venue. He said it is a dream come true for him to see such a grand function of the Sangam happening in its own premises.

Treasurer Karthi submitted the Books of Accounts of the Sangam in the meeting. He said he will soon reveal documents that would serve as proof of the corruption charges against the previous office-bearers of the Sangam.

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