Constitutions and rules

Join SIAA as a member


Each member of the association has to adhere to the rules currently defined by the association and have to comply with all the subsections defined here.

Member categories

  • Professional life membership
  •   Non-professional members. (Amateur)
  •   Annual subscription for non-professional members (Amateur)
  •   Member heir
  •   Child membership
  •   Honorary Members
  •   Foreign Members

Following are the qualifications to be a member of SIAA:

  • Artists belonging to the profession associated with Music, theater, film, television, and similar categories
  • Trained artists belonging to theater groups, government institutions of acting
  • People belonging to groups of theater, film, television, directors, producers
  • Whoever is respectful of the art industry.

How to Apply

Any artist who is interested in joining the association should be able to accept & follow association’s objectives with confidence. They must apply under the categories like professional life member, professional non-life member, professional and non-professional subscription member, professional and non-professional subscription member successor of a member, the youngest Member, Foreign Member and fill out the application completely.


Members have to pay an annual subscription fee of Rs 25 / year, a registration fee of Rs. 250 / year, the annual subscription of Rs. 24 / year for membership card, statute book of Rs. 120 / year for all members,with a total amount of Rs 7200. The fees is subjected to change as per discretion of the executive board.

Registration fee is non refundable. An applicant can be chosen as professional or non-professional member of the association based on discretion of committee.

Application Form (Sample)

  • Name
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Origin
  • Professional artist/ teacher / Location
  • Member of any other field of art in any other group
  • Member of any other group/association
  • Others


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